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Bench Press - 1 Rep Max

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Bench Press - 1 Rep Max


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Testing Protocol:

Measure (or estimate) the single rep maximum with proper technique. The athlete will start with the traps and buttocks on the bench. The athlete will then remove the bar from the rack with or without the assistance of a spotter. On the sound of "GO" the athlete will begin the bar descent. The bar will touch the chest or abdomen region and remain motionless. On the command of "PRESS" the athlete will begin the upward movement of the lift until locked out. A rep is complete only when the arms fully extended. This is an advanced exercise, so use with caution (or skip) for beginners.

Scoring Notes:

  • Spotter may assist in lifting bar into start position
  • Grip width is at choice of competitor
  • Lowest position depends on competitor body type – target position is elbows slightly below the level of the bench. For most competitors, this will be approximately 90 degrees

Tips & Tricks

  • Have competitor estimate a weight they can lift 3-5 times (we can calculate the SRM)
  • If a competitor lifts more than 6 reps at a particular weight, instruct competitor to stop immediately and increase weight

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