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2000 M Row

Step 1 Select Fitness Test Performance Standard

British Metric

2000 M Row


5.70 - 21.67 min

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Testing Protocol:

Use the Concept 2 rower and select the 2,000m row option. The athlete with a flat back, the athlete will grab the rower handle, then forcefully extend the legs. Once the legs are fully extended, the athlete will then pull the handle into their chest. The athlete will then extend the arms and flex the legs returning to the starting position. Repeat this cycle until the 2000 meters have been completed.

Scoring Notes

  • The flywheel must be motionless at the start and the athlete can start on the rower.
  • The damper level can be of the athlete's choosing. 
  • The athlete must remain on the rower until the distance has been completely rowed