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Back Squat - 1 Rep Max

Step 1 Select Fitness Test Performance Standard

British Metric

Back Squat - 1 Rep Max


0.00 - 992.07 lbs

85 %
0 %
0 %
15 %
0 %
0 %

Testing Protocol:

Measure (or estimate) the single rep maximum with proper technique. Athelete starts upright, then lowers the bar until their legs form an approximately 90 degree angle. A rep is complete only when the legs fully extend to the starting position. This is an advanced exercise, so use with caution (or skip) for beginners.

Scoring Notes:

  • Spotter may assist in lifting bar and helping competitor walk to and from bar
  • Grip width is at choice of competitor
  • Lowest position depends on competitor body type – target position is hamstrings roughly parallel to floor

Tips & Tricks

  • Have competitor estimate a weight they can lift 3-5 times (we can calculate the SRM)
  • If a competitor lifts more than 6 reps at a particular weight, instruct competitor to stop immediately and increase weight
  • Do not allow many warm up rounds to speed process

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