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Plank Hold Time

Step 1 Select Fitness Test Performance Standard

British Metric

Plank Hold Time


0.00 - 9.00 min

25 %
75 %
0 %
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Testing Protocol:

The athlete starts by resting on elbows with clenched fists and thumbs on top. On the command of "GO" the athlete will get in the "plank" position. The correct position is with the kees off the ground and the buttocks in line with shoulders. The athlete must keep the midline engaged throughout the entirety of the test and cannot have any curvature in the back.  The athlete cannot link hands to form a base.

Scoring Notes:

  • Time to nearest whole second
  • One warning will be given with the athlete breaks form
  • On the second warning, the test is over.
  • If the knees or thighs touch the ground, the test is over.

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